Eye-Popping Emblem Apartment Luxury

You live in luxury at the eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury with convenience in style inspired by stainless appliances such as ovens with ranges and hoods, refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers. The kitchen is marked by satin-finish dark brown walnut wood wall cabinets and under sink cabinets overlaid by wide granite countertops.

The eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury creates a distinctive lifestyle with the superb features and amenities like elegant ceramic tilework, stylish 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments, 9-foot ceilings, modern kitchens with breakfast bars and Energy Star appliances, outdoor patios and balconies, spacious walk-in closets, in-house washers and dryers, and certified National Green Building Standard.

At anytime you can walk to the bathroom just straight ahead for a refreshing warm shower, and then come back to bed again for an extended rest. You feel comfortable after a warm shower with a clean towel hugging your face.


The imposing 3-floor façade of the eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury are adorned by handsome balconies with railings and six-square glass window panes in white walls and columns with gray roofs. The structures from the outside are simply appealing, occasionally broken by white horizontal lines on walls and vertical balconies eliminating all visual monotony and ennui.

A marked feature of the eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury is the felt and elegantly designed space that one can enjoy as one experience the facility of the living area, the furniture sets, kitchen sets, and bedroom furnishings that are integrated into the total apartment design.


The eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury is characterized by a classic elegant functionality, combining white and beige colors of the walls, ceiling, doors and chairs into the walnut brown color of the wood floor.

Functional and rich in terms of interior décor, the 9-foot high vaulted ceiling provides a much wider and greater breathing space needed for browsing of the internal world of your apartment and for contemplation. Attractive painting decors adorn the interior of each apartment.


The eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury grilling area is one of the most attractive outdoor amenities of an apartment block on the 3-cluster building apartments. Fun, food, music and friendship are ever-present at the enticing Emblem Apartment grilling area.

The cool waters of the eye-popping Emblem Apartment Luxury luxe swimming pool will refresh your body and mind as you relax under the morning sun and chat with family and friends either with a dash of hot coffee or cold juice, and enjoy your splash at the enticing Emblem Apartment Luxe Swimming Pool and turn it into a luxury experience for you.